Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ahhhh, no more plastic

We have been walking on plastic for a couple of weeks and went through a period of walking through plastic for a while too.  Last night we got home from church and walked on carpet.  Ahhh- it was so nice and quiet!  Titus knows the difference too.  He got his moose toy out last night and starting running around in circles.  And again this morning.  I think he's been missing his indoor play times.
So our house project is done!  The changes seem huge to us, but I think it's because we are comparing the finished product to the demolition stage.  Most people will just be comparing outdated to updated.  I'm saving pictures for Monday so that I can have the weekend to clean and get things in order.  The bad thing?  Seeing it all completed makes me want to do more.  My head is spinning with ideas!  We have 2 more bathrooms that are all tile and a kitchen that is stuck in the 60s.  Of course there's also the 3 different carpets and 3 different vinyl floors on the 1st floor too.  Sigh...  we are only just beginning. 

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