Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 Summer Vacation- Things That Made Me Laugh

On the second day of our trip, I started taking pictures of things that made me laugh.  This is a collection of those pictures.  I hope something here brings a smile to your face today.

This is hard to see, but the trailer is full of ostriches.  Not something you see everyday!

I had never seen anything like this before and it stumped me.  This was a child seat hanging on a bathroom stall door at McDonald's.  Seriously, who straps their kid to a bathroom door and leaves them dangling a foot off the ground?!?
Wall of sodas at Lehmen's- drink flavors include dog drool, bacon, corn, toxic slime, swamp juice, dog barf, peanut butter and jelly, mucus, etc.  I know some little boys that would love this display :)
One of the hotels we stayed in had their towel shelf IN the shower.  Sorry, but I like dry towels please!
A truck shaped like a boot- how would you like to drive that for a day?
Aww- it's a Titus bush!  This plant was outside of a pet store in Maine.  I wonder how many dogs have lifted their leg and, well, nevermind.
Some wood carvings worked into a wood stack in Vermont
Those faces were a little creepy!
This doesn't seem funny at first, but oh, this crosswalk sign had me laughing.  About every 10 seconds, it would say "WAIT," but it never told us when to go.  Kind of confusing.
The Ben and Jerry's factory had a flavor graveyard outside.  They had head stones for all the flavors they have laid to rest over the years.  I took several pictures here.  Each head stone had a poem too.
Some flavors didn't last long at all!
Tall booths at McDonald's? Sure, why not!
The sea lions at the Niagara aquarium were hilarious.  They would clap for themselves after every trick they did.  There were 3 sea lions and each one had a different style of clapping- normal off to the side clap, small golf-like clap, and a huge flipper swinging clap.  I should have taken a video.
This bridge at Niagara was called the Rainbow Bridge.  We crossed over the rainbow bridge several times- some of you will understand why this is funny.
They gave us these sandals with our yellow ponchos at Cave of the Winds.  We looked and felt so goofy.  It really made us laugh when we would see people wearing them around the hotel or in town somewhere.
And finally, what trip would be complete without a Statue of Liberty Barbie?  I love how the flame is shooting out of her shoulder!  I passed on this $50 souvenir.

That concludes all of my trip posts.  Now I'm only a month behind on other posts!  I'll catch up soon!


Alyson said...

I have to tell you that those weird little seats in the bathroom stall are very useful when you take your 1 year old to a public restroom and you don't want them to touch everything, or lay down and wallow around on the floor while you're peeing. Yuck!

Amanda said...

i bet alyson! i wish they had bigger seats that i can strap liam in when we go the restroom ha

love the pics amber - made me laugh!

Amber said...

I think that's when I would use a stroller and the handicap stall :)

Mary Lou said...

I have seen the baby seats a lot, I think it must be tough to keep the kids under control if you're there withou a helper. Unfortunately, the towel rack in the shower seems to happen a lot. I don't like it either, but the towels seem to stay pretty dry.

Shelly said...

HAHAHAHAHHHA-Rainbow bridge! Good thing Titus wasn't on this trip! I also LOVE the sandels you got. I would have worn them all over with pride...and socks!!

Kristi said...

I had never seen the seats on the bathroom wall before this summer either but I told Jon I could think of a few times when it would have come in very useful when Benjamin was younger! When you make a pit stop on the road with a little one, you very rarely take a stroller in with you and I have personally struggled in and out of my jeans with one hand while holding my child in my other arm so he wouldn't sit or lay on the gas station bathroom floor. Sometimes being a mom is choosing one weird solution over another. lol