Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Summer Vacation- Part 4

This is the last leg of our vacation.  It includes playing in Lake Erie, a little bit of Buffalo, the Statue of Liberty and a little stop for chocolate on the way home.
I also went back and stole some pictures from Mom and Josh's cameras, so we're backtracking to Niagara for some family pictures first.
Me and Josh with Horseshoe Falls in the background
The whole fam!
Mom with her kids
Probably one of the best pictures ever of me and my brother.  I love this guy!
Me and Josh (and some random lady) on Maid of the Mist- gotta love my hair!
Me and Josh on the American side of the falls
Me and Josh at Cave of the Winds- starting to get a little wet!

Now onto Lake Erie...

We also found a lighthouse to explore in Buffalo

After eating lunch at the Anchor Bar (home of the original buffalo wings), we had to take my brother back to the airport :(  We drove the rest of the day across New York and headed to New Jersey to visit one of Josh's friends, Lonnie.  While we were there, we were able to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  It was a dreary day, so these pictures are not the best.  It was still wonderful though!
Our ferry with New York City skyline in the background
New York City
Ellis Island with Liberty Island in the distance
NYC- beautiful view from the water

On our way through Pennsylvania, we discovered we were only about 12 miles from Hershey.  We just had to make a pit stop.   The tour was more like a ride through "It's a Small World" only a chocolate version.  There were singing, dancing cows and we rode in a car that took us through a fake factory.  I was hoping to see the real factory, but at least this tour was free!
I almost jumped off the ride and dove face first into this pile of yummyness :)
Hershey kisses

We had 3 days of driving to get home, but we didn't do anything else interesting on those days.  I do have one more post planned that covers random stuff from our vacation.  Stay tuned, it will be completely different that these last 4 posts :)

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