Friday, February 17, 2012

Lab Quote Friday: Melting Point Tube

I'm sorry my lab posts have been so sporadic/non-existent this year.  Students are still doing funny things, but it's the same stuff you've already seen before.  Today is a little different.  This quote comes from our honors organic lab.  Yes, I hate to admit it, even the honors students have their moments.
So I was in the stockroom and a girl came to the window and picked up a disposable pipet.
Lab girl:  Is this the capillary tube used for the melting point apparatus?
Me:  No, that's a pipet.  The melting point tubes are by the balances.
Lab girl (confused):  Oh, right.  The balances?  Are they over there?  (pointing toward the balances)
Me:  Yes.
What I wanted to say was...
First, please don't stick that pipet in the melting point apparatus, unless of course you want to find the melting point of plastic and then clean it up.
Second, we have been using melting point tubes nearly every week since last August!
Third, we have been using disposable pipets nearly every week since last August!
Forth, we have been using the balances nearly every week since last August!
Have you been in this class since last August?
Left: disposable pipet,  Right: melting point tube
One more thing.  Packaging is getting ridiculous these days.  It is not uncommon for me to receive boxes like this containing 1 small bottle:
I'm sure there are shipping requirements, but this is crazy!


Lara said...

The packaging photo reminds me of when I worked at the doctors office. We'd get these huge boxes with a bottle of medicine or a wrist brace in them. It always cracked me up.

Amanda said...

you wonder where students were the past 6 months...ha