Friday, February 24, 2012

Lab Quote Friday: Bragging Day

Titus has nothing to do with this post.  I just decided to put this picture in because I love him.  A good friend of ours had to put his dog down last week, and it's just made me more appreciative of my pup lately.

Well, I didn't have any good quotes for this week until this morning, and we didn't even have labs going on!  Ok, so these aren't really funny lab quotes, but they made my day a little brighter.
As I was working in our general chemistry labs this morning, a few maintenance guys came through to test our fume hoods.  As soon as they walked in the boss guy said, "These are the best looking labs in the whole place!"  Yea, that was the best quote of the week for me :)
A little later, a student was walking around the building with her parents showing them where she has classes and labs.  Her mom used to be a chemistry major back in the day, so she was especially interested in the lab.  She introduced herself and said, "So you're a student here?"  I said, "Well, I was 10 years ago, but now I'm the lab manager."  "Oh, you just look so young!"  I used to really hate being mistaken for a student, but as I get more and more grey hairs, I don't mind so much :)
Sorry these aren't really lab quotes.  The students did lots of dumb things this week, but they were just frustrating and not so much funny.  Maybe they'll come up with something better next week...

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