Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday Resolution, part 2- Your Respones

Wow- when I wrote that last post, I had no idea I would get so many responses!  Some of you commented here and many others sent me privates messages and emails.  Thank you all for the encouragement.  I didn't know that so many of you are going through similar struggles with grief and/or spiritual valleys.  Others have been through it in the past and were able to offer comfort.  I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your responses.  I feel so much more "normal" knowing you're right there with me.  I have attended 2 funerals in the last week, and my heart aches for the families that are just beginning the grieving process.  I know of others who are about to say goodbye to loved ones in the next few days or weeks as well.  This is just a hard time.  Let's keep encouraging each other.  Let's be honest about our struggles so we don't feel so alone.
If you haven't really ever experienced grief but find yourself wanting to help someone who is struggling, take a minute and read this blog post.  It is written by a man who used to preach at a church here in Abilene and has experienced the loss of a child.  He talks about words that are inappropriate during times like these, and then he offers better alternatives.  I think we can apply his words to any grieving situation, not just the loss of a child.    


Amanda said...

Good link Amber. Thanks for sharing. thinking about you!

Raylene said...

Hi Amber. Thank you for your posts. It hit home since my mom passed away a year and a half ago. Some days are harder than others. You are in my prayers. :)