Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011 - Part 3

Day 6- July 14th
- We left St. Louis and drove to our next campsite in Pittsfield, IL.
After we set up camp, we drove around and showed Mom some of the Brokaw farm and surrounding area
-  Dinner at Red Dome Inn
Our lakeside campsite- Pine Lakes
We got to hear bullfrogs a lot at this site
Campground speed limit- made me laugh.
Day 7, July 15th
-  We took Mom back across the Mississippi River to visit Hannibal, MO, the childhood home of Mark Twain. 
-  We hiked 244 steps to the top of the lighthouse
-  We toured the museums and houses that Mark Twain and his friends lived in- the setting for some of his books.  I need to go back and read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn at some point (probably won't ever happen)
-  Josh's grandma fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago.  She has been in a rehab facility since then.  We spent a couple of hours with her on this day before heading back to Pittsfield.
-  Dinner with some of the Brokaw family.  We had 13 gather for pizza (a small group for this family). 
Mark Twain roadside picture greets you as you cross the Mississippi
Me and Mom getting ready to hike to the top!
Mark Twain home (on right)
Mark Twain's home and fence that was whitewashed (click to read sign)
Riverboat chugging up the Mississippi River
Day 8, July 16th
-  We needed to waste some time this morning, so we drove around some more.  Josh had been looking for some local landscape photographs, but we weren't having any luck.  As we were driving around, we spotted a sign about a wildlife photographer.  We ended up at the home of a nice man who took pictures exactly like we were looking for.  We purchased several pictures and a couple of his homemade frames too.  One of the pictures featured a nearby creek and bridge, so we went and took some of our own pictures. 
-  In the afternoon, we took Josh's grandpa to visit grandma in the rehab center. 
-  Dinner was a birthday party for Josh's grandpa that ended with a cake for him and a surprise cake for me too!
We are trying to find a way down to the water that doesn't involve poison ivy!
Another picture of us by Mom
Exploring Dutch Creek.  We found a safe place to enter the water!

Day 9- July 17th
- 14 hour drive home, pick up Titus, unpack as little as possible, go to bed
-  Well, we did make one stop on the way home.  You can't pass up this opportunity!
Springfield, MO- flagship store!
Mom, watch out behind you!
That pretty much wraps up our trip.  Thanks for reading along our journey.  All pictures are now on our flickr page.  I've included a bunch from Mom's camera too.  Enjoy!

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