Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Garden, Part 6- Survival of the Fittest

Well, here we are on our 47th day of 100+ degree heat in Abilene this year.  We are setting a new record today, and by the looks of it we could easily hit 60 days of triple digits if not more by the end of summer.  So obviously this has not been a great year for our trial garden.  However, we do have a few lone survivors. 
Our okra is doing pretty well.  The plants are healthy and continue to grow, and the insects do not seem very interested in them.  Our cantaloupe is great!  We have harvested 5 or 6 so far and I counted another 17 growing yesterday.  We are letting these plants sprawl as far as they want since there's not much else growing.  The fruit doesn't taste amazing, but it's not bad at all. 
Other stuff is alive but not producing.  We still have tomatoes, cucumbers, a few peppers, and some squash plants that we're hoping hang on and produce some fruit if we ever get a break from this heat.  The pumpkins all died this week.  The corn produced but it mostly got eaten.  It was outside of the fence, so it's not too surprising. 
Speaking of the fence, it has done it's job quite well.  We never even hooked up electricity or made a real gate, but as far as we know Titus has been the only large animal inside the perimeter. 
I would show you pictures of the garden, but the weeds have taken over most of it and it looks horrible.  Maybe Josh can mow them down a little soon (hint, hint). 
Oh, I nearly forgot- we still have watermelon growing too.  Josh picked one tiny one this week, but it only had about 4 bites of edible flesh.  It was yummy though.  I don't know if we'll get any more before the plants die- here's hoping!
Some okra, cantaloupe, and our tiny watermelon


Lara Banister said...

Wow. I think we are supposed to get to a blistering 72 degrees today. It's been ridiculously mild up here this summer. I don't think we've hit 85 yet. I'm worried about my garden, but that's because it's late July and I'm still getting lettuce and my beans haven't even flowered yet. Hope the heat breaks for you soon and enjoy those cantaloupe.

Shelly said...

Quite the heat wave lady! I'm impressed that your entire garden isn't dead. I'm pretty proud of myself for not killing off my one tomato plant on my deck! Sounds like the cantalope have the best chance at being the big crop for you guys. I hope it makes it!