Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making room for...

more gear!  Josh and I bought this Focus wagon back in 2006 so that we could haul more stuff on camping trips and other vacations.  We have made several trips since then where stuff was stacked to the roof, blocking all windows, often with stuff falling into the backseat on to poor Titus.  Sometimes we just have too much stuff to bring if we're camping or canoeing with the dog and all our gear or if Josh is taking students on research trips.  So we decided to make things a little safer and more comfortable with a new cargo carrier.  Can't wait to try it out soon!

The car is taller than the truck and doesn't fit in the garage with our new cargo carrier in place!

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Samuel said...

This is true a cargo luggage carrier can make or can give good space on my car..things is place on the top of the car and us inside the car comfortable sitting on chair and enjoying the journey..