Monday, June 27, 2011

While Josh Was Away

While Josh was away for 3 weeks, I tried to get a few projects done that I had been putting off.  Here are some things that kept me busy.

I made cinnamon rolls- a 7-8 hour process well worth every second.

Cinnamon rolls rising in the laundry room

Baked and cooling

Vacuum packaged and ready to freeze

Almost ready to eat


I made some play crowns for my adopted niece.
My 2 favorites- I love the polka dot felt and "jewels"
I made one boy crown so that there can be a king during playtime.

The backs were just fabric covered elastic.  Super easy!
Close-ups.  I had way too much fun with my Grandma's sewing machine.  It has some great stitch patterns!

Princess Bailey and her favorite crown.  The girl has good taste- this was my favorite too!

I straightened up the garage a little.

I whipped up this drawstring bag made from bandanas and filled it with cinnamon rolls to give away.

I also weeded the garden (which took several days)
So that's what has been keeping me busy lately.  Have any projects you want to share?
PS- I'm on Pinterest now if you are interested in checking out my page.  You'll find the inspiration to most of my craft projects along with other stuff too.

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Amanda said...

way to go! i love the crowns!