Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 Garden, Part 4- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I realize it has been quite a while since I gave a garden update.  Josh was out of town for 3 weeks, and I wanted him to see the garden before I posted pictures. 
In general, I would say this is a horrible garden year.  The few things that are surviving this terrible heat are growing so very, very slow.  A lot of things have died for various reasons, and we're still not sure if we'll actually get to eat anything from the plants that have survived.  So here are some pictures from last weekend:
Overlooking the garden- lots of "dead" space :(
The Good!!
Various squash plants are slowly growing and have many flowers

Cantaloupe!  If you look closely, there are 2 green fruits toward the bottom center of the picture.

Pumpkins- no fruit yet, but very healthy looking plants

Okra has decided to start growing and blooming!

Corn has its tassels out!
The Bad:
Bell peppers- these look great in the picture but have since died (we think I over fertilized)

Tomatoes- not dying, but not really growing either.  Covered in flowers, but no fruit

Green beans- hard to see, but they're dying. 
The Ugly:
Unfortunately, we have several plants that look like this
So there you have it- our first TX garden seems to be a flop, but that's ok.  We knew this year would be more of an experiment than anything else.  We have learned a lot and hope to make some significant improvements next year.  Hopefully your garden is growing better than ours!


Anonymous said...

It is a terrible garden year for us too. We
Have had 2 tomatoes and 2 bell peppers so far. The
Squash plant has flowers but no fruit.


Captain Y and Plant Girl said...

Our peppers are dead too and the zucchini is barely hanging on.

I've been told that tomatoes will only set fruit if it gets below 78 degrees at night. Maybe it's too hot for them.

Shelly said...

I think your garden looks pretty good Lady! I'm extremely impressed with my deck flowers so far this year! I've had them planted for 1 month and I've only lost 2 (out of 11)!!! That may be a record for me!!