Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 Years Ago...

... this adorable little chocolate morsel was born.  *sigh*  Of course we didn't meet him until a few weeks later, and the rest is history.  He has been one wonderful pup.
Prepare yourself for some serious cuteness!
When was he ever this small?
Titus learned what the kitchen was very early on.
Still Titus' favorite part of the day
His dog house seemed so huge when we first got it.
I don't know why other buyers didn't want this droopy-eyed pup.
We learned pretty early that the camera flash + Titus' eyes = crazy yellow-eyed dog.
Total sweetness!
After his very first swim ~10 weeks old.
"Just hanging out with some toys"

And my absolute favorite Titus pic of ALL TIME...
Homicide puppy- anybody have any chalk?
Happy 7th birthday to Titus, Mr. T, T-pot, Stinkpot, Mr. Merryweather (Titus' middle name), Trail Blazer, Little One, Bub, Poochy Pooch, T, Bud, Pig, Horse, Cow, Silly Willy, Arthritis Titus, Old Man, Sweet T, and officially (according to AKC) Brokaw's Titus.  It's been a fun 7 years!


April said...

Super cute! Happy birthday to a handsome dog!

Shelly said...

How was he ever THAT small! Give T-pot a big ol butt rub from me for his birthday!!!

Amanda said...