Friday, March 11, 2011

Look who was waiting for us...

Titus and I went out to play this morning and look who was waiting for us.  Do you see it?
Here, let me get closer for you
Pretty sure this skunk was either sick or dying or both.  He didn't move much.  We'll have to see if he's still there when we get home.  Josh may have a fun chore on his hands!
On a better note, my craft room project is complete!  I inherited a bunch of my Grandma's sewing things and I just didn't have any space for everything.  So I just HAD to do create more storage.  My camera was dead when I went to take "before" pictures, so just imagine this table completely piled with clutter and no room to work.
And now it looks like this
I know it's not a huge change, but I love it.  I bought 2 unfinished kitchen cabinets from Lowe's, painted them white, and added handles.  Then I covered a piece of plywood with my fabric and wrapped that with vinyl.  You can see that my table top is now at least 6 inches higher too, which will make my back sooooo much happier when I'm cutting fabric.  I might add a stool in the future, but I really don't sit much when I'm crafting unless I'm at the sewing machine. 
I think the biggest organization chore was sorting through Grandma's spools of thread.  She had 2 racks completely stuffed. 
I started by sorting her stash...
Then I added my spools
The end result is 3 nearly full racks of thread beautifully sorted by color (sorry, no picture).  I may never have to buy thread again!  Oh, and see that small pile off to the right side of that last picture?  Those are spools that have just a tiny bit of thread left on them- maybe enough to sew on a few buttons, but nothing more.  I put all of those in a box with a clear lid and stashed them in one of my new drawers.  That left me with just a few pegs left empty on 1 rack just in case I need to add something later. 
I feel so much better now that things are organized and out of sight.  Time to start some new projects...


Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

Your craft table is awesome! So many spools of thread--you have lots of sewing to do!

Shelly said...

What was teh final outcome on the skunk? Did Josh have to take care of it? YUK! How in the world did you keep Titus from trying to make friends with it? I can just picture him all focused and whining because he wanted to go see it!

Kristi said...

Trying not to be jealous of your craft room or your stockpile of thread!