Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Garden, Part 1

I've decided to do a series of garden posts as this season progresses.  Josh and I haven't had a garden in a couple of years due to moving and lack of time, but we're jumping back in this year!  I sure have missed home-grown goodies.  We're planting a variety of stuff this year as an experiment to see what can survive.  I think the biggest obstacle will be bugs, namely grasshoppers.  Anyone have any brilliant remedies for this?
So here's a quick look at our garden prep so far.  Josh has been very busy!
Our seedlings in Josh's new growth room at ACU

Bringing in compost- $6/load at the recycle center!

Our garden area- we're hoping to fill a 50x30' space this year

Our well finally has a working pump in it!

We just HAD to get a tiller for the tractor to help us out.
In a few days, our electric fencing will arrive.  It should be able to keep out everything from rabbits to deer.  Again, any advice for grasshoppers?
This has nothing to do with the garden, but it made me laugh.  Our neighbor's llamas enjoyed watching Titus play ball last night.  I think they wanted to join in!
Stay tuned for a post about what's been keeping me busy while Josh has been prepping the garden...

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Lara Banister said...

That ought to be enough to keep Josh busy this summer. Don't know what to tell you about the grasshoppers. Ours aren't too bad because the farmer periodically sprays the fields around us with an agricultural grade insecticide Some friends of ours keep chickens and say that they do a great job of keeping the grasshopper population down. I bet Titus could have fun with some free range chickens! Enjoy your new garden and be sure to give us updates once in a while.