Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby crafts

Two posts in one day- we're just such exciting people!
Some friends of ours are about to have a baby girl.  Their nursery is yellow, black and gray.  What a cute combination!  (Of course, anything involving gray is wonderful to me.)  I considered making one of my flannel rag quilts to match the nursery, but I didn't have much luck finding enough patterns I liked in these colors.  Well, I found some, but they were way too expensive.  Between all of the baby showers, our friends' registry was pretty picked over.  So I decided to make a few items I thought would be useful to them and their baby girl while coordinating with their colors.  Here's what I've been up to:
A taggy block

Pacifier clips

A nursing cover

2 hooded towels

Trim on the towels made with my new bias tape toy
Here are the links to the tutorials that inspired me.  I didn't follow all of the directions exactly.
Taggy block- I used way more ribbon and sewed the blocks together in a different pattern.  I also put a jingle bell in the middle to make it sound like a rattle.
Pacifier clips-  I didn't use interfacing or a serger.  I should have followed the tip about sewing the velcro on before sewing the material sides.  It would have looked much better. 
Nursing cover- I only used 1 piece of fabric so it wouldn't be too hot.  I added my pocket as a triangle in one corner.  Also, I used D-rings instead of velcro to make the adjustable neck strap.
Hooded towels- easiest project ever!  I used adult sized towels so they can be used when the baby outgrows those tiny hooded towels that you can buy in the stores.  I also sewed across the point of the hood and cut off the extra material so that the kid doesn't look like a elf.  I made single fold bias tape for the edge using this fun new toy.  They sell machines that make bias tape, but I found this $4 contraption (w/coupon) did the job perfectly!  I can't wait to make more bias tape (a fold down the center and a quick ironing gives you double fold bias tape in no time!)

I also attempted to make a wipeable changing pad, but my sewing machine was not cooperating.  By the time we reached a compromise, the project was a flop.  Here's the tutorial I was trying to follow.  I think it needs to be bigger.  Maybe I'll try again.  I learned that sewing with vinyl takes practice and patience (and tape on the bottom of your presser foot.) 
So what projects have been keeping you busy lately?


Kristi said...

They all look great!

Lara Banister said...

Those hoodie towels are the best. Great job on everything. I'm totally impressed.

Kettia said...

These look awesome Amber. Great job. Do you have the instructions for making bias tape out of a square of material? It is a pretty awesome little trick that saves time and doesn't waste material. If you don't have it I will try to scan it and send it to you sometime.
I purchased the bias tape machine before Christmas. I was trying to make bias for the aprons I made for my girls. It was very small bias and the machine didn't want to fold it very well. Don't know if I need to know some other tricks or not. Might have to use some spray starch, which I didn't have at that time, to stiffen the material? It's a thought I had. I don't know if larger bias tape would work better. Let me know about the bias instructions if you want them.

Anonymous said...

Cute gifts Amber! I'll be making a baby quilt this weekend (that should have been made 3 weeks ago!). I have a cute new pattern and fun material. I have been contemplating making my own bias tape but it seems so hard! Maybe I need one of these thingamabobs to do the trick! I LOVE the taggy block- way cute!

Anonymous said...

I like making bias tape--you can use just the right fabrics! So easy!

--Mary Lou

The Shoes said...

You are just full of ideas! Everything turned out super cute. Makes me want to get busy sewing!