Friday, December 18, 2009


A while back when we were packing up to move from TX, I posted a blog about hoarding and purging.  Most of you know that I am a purger and will gladly get rid of almost anything that goes unused for a while.  This also means that I don't really collect anything because most collectibles go unused and just have to be dusted (which is one of my least favorite chores.)  I do however have 1 item that I do collect and most of you probably don't know about it.  I collect spreaders!  This is kind of a new thing for me- I've only been collecting them for somewhere around 7 years.  They don't have to be meaningful, I just have to like them.  For all these years, they've just been stored in their boxes not being used or seen.  Then one day last year, Mom and I went to Harry and David on one of our shopping days.  I found these adorable spreader blocks and knew that I would soon be able to display my spreaders.  My kitchen window in our new house is the perfect spot for my display.  Earlier this fall, I had fruit, baseball, and lighthouse spreaders out.  Since Thanksgiving, I have had my Christmas spreaders out.  As I unpacked more and more Christmas boxes, I soon realized that I had way more Christmas spreaders than I thought- I now have 20!!  I guess I've just been buying and storing them without having the whole collection together.  So here's a picture of my window right now.  Aren't the spreader blocks just the cutest things ever!?!  I may have to get more as my collection grows!

And my collection IS growing.  My friend Shelly just bought me some red chile pepper spreaders for Christmas.  The snowman plate and snowman/snowglobe spreader are also from her.  Kristi, do you see my Christmas moose spreaders in the middle block?  Oh my goodness!  I just realized that I have at least one other snowglobe spreader that isn't out.  I must find it!
OK- this blog is way too long to just be about spreaders.  Sorry- I like them and wanted to share this little collection with you.  So what do you collect?

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Sharron said...

I can certainly identify with that. It's like a Christmas present when you run across those things you totally forgot about buying. They are really cute.