Monday, December 7, 2009

Decking the halls

We had such a busy weekend.  There was baking, crafting, cleaning, decorating, ball playing, tree trimming (not the Christmas tree), shopping, partying, and very little sleeping.

Chocolate covered marshmallows

Banana pudding

Cheese balls- aka "cheesy balls of joy"

A little tree trimming

Resting from playing ball too much

Decorating dilemma- we have a big ugly safe in our fireplace that can be covered by a picture but not by my pretty new wreath

Decorating solution- buy a $6 tablecloth from Big Lots and hope nobody asks why it's hanging from the fireplace (it really does look better in person!)

A few of you have been asking for some house pictures, so here are a few.  I'll take more when other rooms are more complete.  Please ignore the fact that there are no curtains in any rooms and no pictures on the walls- we'll get there eventually!
Guest room

Living room- still lacks coffee table and end tables (and curtains, and pictures...)

Fireplace room- we don't know what else to call it

Have I mentioned the views from the back side of the house?


Amanda said...

everything looks so festive and the food yummy!

great looking house!

Shelly said...

Looks like your house is coming along nicely- it looks very cozy (even without curtains and pictures on the wall!). mmmmm, cheesy balls of joy.....

Alyson said...

Mmmm chocolate covered marshmallows and cheesy balls of joy... two of my favorites!

I like your house a lot! I think you should call the fireplace room the "den" because for some reason fireplaces are den-ish to me. :)

Noel Green said...

Looking awesome!!