Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break in a Nutshell

The last 2 weeks were wonderful.  Instead of going into lots of detail, I'm just going to list all the great things that happened and share some pictures:
1.  Mom and Adam came to visit for a whole week!  (by far the best Christmas present)
2.  5 inches of snow on Christmas eve made for a beautiful white Christmas in our new home
3.  Christmas baking- no bake cookies, chocolate white chip cookies, smores cookies, coconut cream pie, chocolate cream pie, banana pudding, bacon cheesy balls, banana bread- mmmmm!
4.  Lazy days in pajamas NOT putting on makeup, doing my hair, or even putting in my contacts.
5.  Playing in the snow- Titus was in heaven!
6.  Getting little projects done around the house- some pictures on the walls, new tables in the living room, some curtains bought, craft room mostly finished, lots of tree trimming
7.  Plumbing issues (this wasn't so great, but it caused some problems that are temporarily fixed)
8.  Josh and I celebrated our 8th anniversary- there wasn't much celebrating due to #7, but we'll get around to dinner out sometime soon.
9.  I spent 5 days in NM which gave me more time with Mom, visiting time with the Fitzpatricks and Shoemakers, and almost 8 more inches of snow!
10.  A visit from Josh's longtime friend Lonnie
11.  More animals!!  Titus found the 1st mole on our property and Adam spotted our 1st porcupine hanging out in a tree behind our backyard.

Snow in TX

Christmas Day

Adam, Titus and Josh exploring the property

Tree trimming time!

Our porcupine

Titus was VERY sad when Mom and Adam left.  He watched for them to come back all morning.

Trip to NM

I'm having trouble loading videos, but I'll try again later.


shelly said...

Looks like you had a great holiday! I'm glad you got to spend some time with family....and snow!

Amanda said...

glad u had a good break
and got snow!