Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Job update

This entry is for all of you who have been asking about my job. I am really enjoying this position. It's really easy, low stress, and part-time- exactly what I need right now. The plasma center is located just off the corner of San Mateo and Central. For those of you who know ABQ well, you can just imagine the wonderful array of donors we get! Being the minority (big time) has been quite the experience for me. The Hispanic and Native American communities are quite different than what I'm used to. I love these people and it seems that everyone is immediately a member of the family. My boss was hugging me after just a few days, and it is not uncommon to see females kissing each other hello and goodbye (on the lips, cheeks, whatever). I'm not quite to that stage yet!
I think that I am having a pretty good impact on my co-workers already. I had one man tell me that he knew I was saved because I had that "glow." Another guy has nicknamed me "Sunshine" because he says my smile lights up the room. Personally, I think they are just blinded by my flaming white skin!
The wonderful lady in charge of the lab is Alice. She started working for ZLB the same month I was born. How funny is that! She is short- does not come close to reaching my shoulder- and keeps me laughing non-stop. My other labmates are also wonderful.
I have come to love scrubs as they feel like pajamas. Unfortunately, I also have to wear gloves, lab coat, and face shield all the time. At least I feel like I'm in pajamas for the 20 mile drive each way to work and back home!


Alyson said...

Jim's family kisses hello and goodbye, and I'm still not used to it. I'm glad you like your job down there and are doing well!

Rezina said...

Amber, You go to all the COOL spots, Idaho bed and breakfast and the jelly belly factory!!!! Smiles to you! Rezina

Noel and Celeste said...

I'm so excited:).
Welcome to the dark side.


Shelly said...

HEy Lady! We miss you in WA!! Sunshine = flaming white skin- that just made my morning!!

Amanda said...

glad you're liking your job so much, amber! that's a blessing.
Growing up in Laredo, I was the minority there (98% of the population was hispanic). I had no personal space either growing up in that culture - hugging, kissing, etc. That went away when I moved to Oklahoma. I sometimes miss the closeness that people instantly have in that culture. I did never like to kiss on the lips though - some of josh's fam does that and I'm not used to that still.