Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dad update 8-19-08 part 2

We went to the doctor yesterday. Dad's platelet count is up to 20,000 but Dr. Lee is not encouraged. He would like to see Dad's body rebounding much more after this much time without chemo. His WBC and RBC levels are also low. If this doesn't improve, it is possible that Dad might not get anymore treatments. Dr. Lee says there is one other chemo drug we could try if Dad returns to better health. Dad may be just as sensitive to the other drug as his original one- we just don't know. Dr. Lee says that the previous average 14 month survival has been "thrown out the window" due to Dad's reactions to the chemo. We have to wait a couple of weeks before they will tell us our new timeline.
Dad will have an MRI on Sept. 2. The doctors will reassess the situation after they see the images of Dad's tumors. Dad will have more blood tests and see Dr. Lee on Sept. 4. We won't know anything else until then. Please be praying for Dad's body to get with the program and start making more platelets, WBC, and RBC. Also pray for peace and comfort.

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Andrea Casey said...

Amber, you're all in our prayers. May the Lord give you all sweet sleep at night and strength throughout the day. We love you!