Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pond Makeover

Josh spent a lot of time in July and August working on our pond.  He changed the 15-foot drop off near our house into a gentle slope, and he dug out the far end of the pond to make it deeper.  It was a lot of work during the hottest time of year.
Josh started by breaking up the pond bottom and moving the dirt and rocks toward the house.
There were some really big rocks and chunks of concrete to move!
It was nice that our tractor could do most of the work.
We did rent a jackhammer to bust up the sidewalk around the pond.
We also rented a dump trailer to bring in dirt from other parts of the property.
Getting in position...
All empty!
Titus was not sure what to think about all the mess :)
It looks a bit different now!  The bridge to the island had to be torn down, but we'll replace it eventually.  We have a small pond at the far end on the right side of the island.
The turkeys have been enjoying the water.
We hope to get this all covered with grass eventually.
Looking back toward the house- no more drop off!
Nice gentle slope.  Maybe we'll do some sledding this winter :)
The island really stands out now.

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Mom said...

That would be such a lovely view if it was all full of wildflowers.