Monday, December 3, 2012

More Rag Quilts and a Tie Onesie

My sewing machine has been getting a workout lately.  Here are 2 more rag quilts I made for babies of very dear friends. 
This first blanket was for Cassia who lives in Malibu.  I get to meet her this Saturday and spend a week in CA with her lovely family!
Smooth side
Rag side

This blanket is for Baby Silas who should arrive in early February.  We go to church with his parents and they also work at ACU.  This may be my favorite blanket I've ever made, but I say that often :)  I decided to try a brick pattern for the first time, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. 
Smooth side
Rag side

Silas also got a tie onesie.  I love making these for little boys!  I use Rit dye and the stove top method  to color the onesies.  The stitching stays white and adds a little interest in my opinion.

I have more crafts to share, but I can't reveal them until they've been given :)


Jan said...

Beautiful Amber!! You have been busy.

Gransie's Groove said...

I love your quilts!!! They always bring a smile to my face....I can feel the love you put into each one:) The tie onesie is adorable!
Thanks so much for sharing:)