Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun Family Times

We just got back from our annual gathering with Josh's mom's side of the family.  These trips are always too short but lots of fun.  This year we went back to Uncle Joe and Aunt Susan's farm near Caldwell, TX.  I think the pictures are self explanatory- we did a lot of shooting :)
Josh, Jay, Uncle Jay, Britt, and Uncle Joe
Jay, Britt, and Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe
Dixie shooting, others watching
Lauren and Josh shooting
Sniper Lana Jo :)  Also Britt and Dixie
Dixie and her dad, Uncle Jay
Time for the shot gun- go Lana Jo!
Kendra looks like a pro!
My father-in-law, Larry, shooting and Uncle Joe throwing
Nana (Josh's mom) with our niece June.  Seriously, what other 6 month old can wear pigtails?!?  Love that girl!
Our nephew, Ben, with his grandpa (Josh's dad)
We did relax a little too
Ben is getting so big!
Jack on the train, Ben with the dump truck
A little love for sister (our nephew Ben and niece June)
Group shot with a lot of squinting

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