Thursday, October 25, 2012

Neighborhood Farm

When people find out that we live out in the country on ~11 acres, they often ask if we keep any animals on the land.  Our reply is usually something like, "No, but our neighbors have lots of animals, so we get to enjoy them without having to do any of the work."  So I thought it might be fun to share some pictures (and videos) of the animals we get to enjoy around our house.
First up, our neighbors to the west.  We have a field on this side of our property that is about 200 acres.  It mostly has cows, but also 4 llamas and 1-4 horses.  These are the only animals around that have babies that we get to enjoy.  
Llamas- very curious about everything
Cows on the move, a little camera shy
Cows at sunset

Our neighbor to the east has a dog named Pizza, but she also keeps sheep and a donkey part of the year.
1 ram and 10 ewes
Silly Donkey
"Got any carrots for me?"
 Titus especially loves chasing the sheep and making the donkey mad.  We started feeding the donkey grass and carrots this year, so he tolerates us much more.  He even joins us for our evening walks and lets us pet him occasionally :)  Check out these videos.
Here is donkey walking with us and Titus chasing the sheep.  Sorry, it's shaky.  It's hard to walk on a dirt road while filming :)
Here's proof that Donkey is starting to tolerate Titus.
This donkey will plow through the oak tress to walk with us.  Here's an up close shot for you, Shelly!

Our neighbors to the south are super sweet and have 2 horses: Freckles and Lady.  Freckles is so pretty but can get a little aggressive about her carrots.  Lady is over 30 years old and has trouble walking, but she loves a good neck rub if she is nearby. 
Freckles sticking out her tongue for the camera
Beautiful Freckles
Lady is a little hard to see here, but she is the brown horse behind Freckles.

Our neighbors to the north used to have goats and a donkey, but they moved away.  Josh once had to rescue one of their goats that was stuck in the fence, poor thing.  The new neighbors say they will probably put goats on the land soon too.  Titus will be so excited to have even more animals to chase!

On the wilder side, we had these 6 lovely turkeys hanging out at our house for about 3 weeks last month.  They would hang out in the trees and wander around our front and back yards.  Titus of course chased them as often as he could, but they didn't really seem to care all that much.

We really enjoy all of these animals, especially since we don't have to take care of them!  Hope you enjoyed a little tour of our neighborhood farm.

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Shelly said...

I LOVE donkey!!!! I want to kiss his little snoot. I'm happy to know that you have a replacement for the 'Albion donkey' in your new home. What a cutie!! Titus must be in heaven with all those friends around!