Thursday, October 11, 2012

B is for Brokaw

My first autumn craft this year was a big B.  The stuff for this project had been sitting in my craft room for over a year- oops!  It's just a big letter cutout from Michael's and yarn that I thought would look cozy.  This project took a lot longer than I expected.  I had no idea that wrapping and gluing yarn would take so long!  I like how it turned out, but there were a lot of curves that made things a little tricky.  Here it is on our front porch bench with the pumpkin from our garden.  It will probably end up living on our fireplace mantel at some point.


Shelly said...

I love it! It does look cozy and you'd never know you struggled with curves! Great idea!!

Amanda said...

very cute amber!

Thomas, Becca, and Bailey said...

I love your B! It looks awesome. How do I put in my order for an F? :)