Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Projects I've Been Working On

Well, all these gifts have been given away, so now I can blog about them.  Here's what's been keeping me busy lately.
First up, 2 flannel rag quilts.  One for baby boy Bramlett, and one for our niece June.
I went for stripes with some fun puppy fabric
Close-up of the fabrics I used
Daisies and stripes
Close-up of fabrics

Next, tie onesies.  This may be my new favorite project.  I think they turned out super cute, and they're quick and easy to make.  I used this tutorial.  I did 2 for baby boy Bramlett and 1 for baby boy Perrey.  I had to dye the navy onesies because it is impossible to find solid color boy onesies that do not already have some kind of embellishment on them.  I use Rit dye and the stove top method for all my dying.  I'm just terrified of using it in my washing machine!  I especially love how the thread doesn't dye (because it's synthetic) which leaves a cute little contrast stitch. 
The colors are horrible in the picture.  I could not get them adjusted the way I wanted to.
These colors are more accurate.

I also made some taggy blocks and a pacifier clip.  The first block and pacifier clip were for baby boy Perrey, and the 2nd block was for June.
Pacifier clip

I saved the best for last.  While Mom was here for spring break, some ladies from church were working on a quilt for baby boy Perrey.  This baby's mama is a quilter, so we had to do something special for her.  Mom and I did the pinwheel border on this quilt, and I did a couple other blocks as well.  The animals are all paper pieced- I did not attempt any of those squares!  I didn't even know what paper piecing was until I saw this project.  This quilt turned out amazing!  I could just sit and stare at it for hours.  We have some extremely talented ladies at our church, especially Mary Lou who designed the quilt, put it all together, and did all the binding and quilting.  I always feel honored to get to work with such wonderful women!
The binding was not finished when I took the picture.  Pretend the bottom looks like the sides :)
I think the elephant may have been my favorite animal on the quilt followed closely by the zebra.  Hmmm- the 2 grey animals, anyone surprised?
We've got another niece besides June on the way (Ellie) plus many other friends that are pregnant, so I'm sure I'll find some more cute baby projects to work on soon.  Hope y'all are finding some time to be crafty too! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm honored that the baby quilt got a mention on your blog! Thanks for the cute pictures and your sweet words. We were so fortunate to have you and Kathy help with this project--those pinwheels totally rock!