Friday, March 2, 2012

Lab Quote Friday: A Lesson in Biology

Boy, we've had some fun in our department this week.  I think people are just really ready for spring break already- one more week!
So here's a conversation from lab yesterday that was using yeast as a catalyst.  Josh, you're going to love this one.
Lab boy:  So, where does yeast come from?
Lab girl:  Didn't you take biology?
Lab boy:  I mean, like, back in 1800s, where did they get their yeast?
Me (sarcastically):  Walmart
Lab boy:  No, I'm serious.  Is it like part of a plant or something?
Me:  Ok, really, did you take biology?
Professor:  It's a unicellular organism.  A eukaryote. 
Lab boy:  Oh yeah...
This may or may not have been the same lab boy who broke a thermometer into 3 pieces while trying to remove it from the protective case.  The case was not broken.
Here's the best thing that happened in our department this week.  Some students decorated one of the organic chemistry professor's office.  It was quite a sight.
Everything was completely wrapped in foil.
File cabinets, couch...
plastic cup garland
"The Organic Throne- place bum here"
Books completely wrapped
telephone, pictures
plants, pictures, pens
Tree with wrapped ornaments
nerdy chemistry mugs- this is my favorite!

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Lara said...

Wow, that's a lot of foil and a lot of effort. Love the foil wrapped books
I have to give the lab boy a little bit of a pass, though the conversation was hilarious, because Brian and I had a similar discussion a while ago -even though both of us know that yeast is not part of a plant. Pre walmart most people made bread using a sourdough method, always saving a starter. But Jewish people were commanded to destroy all their yeast at the passover, so how did they get their starter going again? I knew yeast cultured naturally with some consistency on potatoes, but those are new world plants. After some research we found that grapes and rye were also fairly good natural yeast incubators. So if lab boy asks again, tell him to go soak some organic raisins and wait a week.