Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain, rain, rain

The man that first owned our home was HUGE into water features.  He dug a 1/2 acre pond in front of the house and filled it with water and fish.  To make it a more permanent feature, he put concrete all around the sides.  He installed a ladder in one of the concrete sides so that you could easily climb out after swimming.  He even added an island, complete with trees, a picnic table, and a little bridge so you can access it from shore.  We have 3 wells on our property, 2 are dried up and 1 still has water.  We assume he dried up these wells keeping that huge pond full all the time.  I can imagine many happy summers spent in this front yard lake with all of his kids.  I can imagine his wife looking out the front windows and hearing her children squeal with delight as they play.  Sadly, his wife passed away and he later remarried and moved out of this house.  (He built wife #2 a house that is built into a hillside so that all you see is the front of the house.  Then he built a moat, yes a moat, around the front yard of that house.  Like I said, he was HUGE into water features.)  Anyway, recent owners of this house (including ourselves) have decided not to spend enormous amounts of money to keep this pond full of water.  So it sits as a big hole in the ground that has become overgrown with plants.
Well, in the last 2 weeks we have received quite a bit of rain, and now we have ourselves a small pond in this enormous hole.  We've had thoughts of making a smaller pond someday, but we're still a little undecided.  For now I'm enjoying our tiny pond while it lasts, and I'm thankful it's not mosquito season!

Adam, Josh and Titus in the empty pond at Christmas


Adam, Josh and Titus on the island

Our little pond (you can see the bridge and island in the top right corner)

And just when you thought this post was not about Titus...
Here's a video of him destroying some air pillows I brought home from work last night.  This dog cracks me up!  He only left 1 pocket unpopped- not bad for 45 seconds!

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Alyson said...

Keeping the pond full does sound like a pain, but I bet Titus would LOVE a swimming hole right in his front yard. I don't know how much you'd love a muddy dog all day, though :)