Monday, February 8, 2010

Better-than-girl scout- cookies

Ok, some of you already know about these cookies, but I felt the need to share again since it's girl scout cookie time.  My favorite girl scout cookies (in order) are: tagalongs, samoas, trefoils, do-si-dos, and thin mints.  I haven't bought girl scout cookies in years because the prices are outrageous, but I have found a cookie that has topped my list and is available year-round and is much, much cheaper.  Keebler makes a cookie they call "Peanut Butter Filled."  I don't know about you, but I think this is a stupid name, not really even a name at all.  But they are soooo good.  They're like tagalongs, but the cookie is chocolate, so they're even better in my opinion.  That's why I have renamed them "better than girl scout cookies."  There's only 18 in a package, but they are much cheaper than girl scout cookies, especially if you find them on sale.  The catch is that they might be hard to find in your city.  In WA, I could regularly find them for $1.68-$2 a package.  I haven't been able to find them in Abilene yet, but I haven't checked everywhere.  I did notice that Walmart has a version of this cookie, but I haven't tried it yet.  Why?  Because my Mom gave me 15 packages of these little beauties for Christmas!  mmmmm  Try them frozen too- even better!


Anonymous said...

At a 5-hour Keebler half-price sale at Smith's one Saturday shortly before Christmas, I bought the cookies for $1.37 per package, and I cleaned out 2 stores to get them. I'm glad you're enjoying them.
Love, Mom

Alyson said...

Mmmm I'm going to have to try those! Tagalongs are my favorite!

I hate it when different regions don't carry perfectly normal things. When we were in Oklahoma we would get bags of Pillsbury muffin mix that made 6 lemon-poppyseed muffins, but nowhere in northern Idaho carries them! I can get boxes that make 12, but we don't need that many muffins! Weird!

Kris said...

My favorites are the Samoas, and I just happened to find a recipe for them yesterday. Pretty excited to try it out. :) They don't sell Keebler here.

Amanda said...

tagalong are my absolute favorite!

i need to try these no-name cookies!