Thursday, April 2, 2009

Titus update

I know you have all been dying to know what Titus has been up to lately. Here are some pictures and a video of Titus' activities over the last couple months.
Hanging out with the neighborhood kids

RockclimbingBathtime! Playing in the snowPlaying tug-of-warEating grass with the horses

Chasing one of his girlfriends (turn up the volume for this video)

Titus has been very busy!


Alyson said...

Awe Titus! What a sweet doggy!

Shelly said...

Titus has a more active social life than I do (which really isn't all that difficult I guess)!! I'm glad you posted pics- I can't get enough of that cute boy!

Andrea Casey said...

Titus is living it up out there! Looks like fun.