Thursday, April 9, 2009

Titus freak out caught on tape

Something that makes me laugh really hard is what I call "Titus freak out moments." Very few people know about this crazy side of Titus, and even fewer people have witnessed it. In these very rare moments, Titus notices something very small and becomes fixated on it. He will not leave it alone until he has taken care of it or we somehow get him to stop the obsession. Sometimes the small thing is something that has been there for years, like a scratch on a bookcase.

Today while we were playing ball, Titus noticed a very small piece of dirt on the side of the house. He quickly went into freak out mode, and I quickly ran inside to get the camera. Prior to this video, Titus was sniffing the dirt and then jumping back as if it had bit him in the nose. He was also pawing at it and nearly started barking at it. Then came this:

Crazy dog!! It's just a piece of dirt!


Alyson said...

I love how he keeps looking for it once it falls into the dirt. He seems able to tell the house dirt from the ground dirt! Funny Titus!

Bryan said...

Just realized I can comment on here - lol

He is too funny! I am thoroughly entertained. I can't wait to have another snorting contest with him.
Can I clone him so I can have a "Titus" too - ha ha!

Shelly said...

I LOVE the titus freak out!!! Silly Amber, don't you know that dirt, zippers, and rocks are very scary (even if they've been around forever)!!