Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fox and the Hound

We have been having beautiful weather here in NM this week, so Titus and I went out and tried a new trail yesterday. We met a fox along the way that seemed to be stuck or hurt or something. I got a few pictures and he was gone when we returned later. Titus really wanted to play with him, but I only let him get about 6 feet away. Here are some pics from our hike:
"I found snow!"
The foxDo you see him?
My rock climber
Titus drinking water that's trickling down the rock


Alyson said...

Cute fox... and cute hound too :) I hope that fox ended up getting free, in the picture he doesn't look much bigger than a squirrel!

Shelly said...

YEA! Titus!! I've missed him (and you too Amber).

Jennifer M said...

Boonie would've have so much with Titus running around.