Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, our dogsitting weekend went wonderful except for 1 GIANT mishap. I got back from work this morning to find Titus in the front yard. How did this happen? He chewed through the fence!! This is by far the naughtiest thing he has EVER done. I was mortified. It's bad enough that he destroyed a gate, but it wasn't even our gate! Don't worry, he has been disciplined, but he is still not forgiven. The family was very understanding, but I am not. Why did Titus do this!?! And why did he feel the need to chew 2 holes? Was this a one way hole or was he making an extra one for Dakota? Thankfully, Dakota is a very good dog and did not leave the yard. She was just sitting on the porch when I got there. We were just hours away from a successful weekend. What a naughty dog!

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Shelly said...

T-POT!!! WAAAA! It's a good thing he's so cute. That should count towards some forgiveness.