Monday, July 13, 2015

Florida, Part 2, Activities

Some more active pictures from our Florida trip :)

Our beach set up- 2 shade canopies were very helpful!
Debby and June enjoying some waves!
Jackson loved jumping the waves.
Debby and Jackson
One morning, Josh and I took a 17-mile bike ride down a state forest trail.
This baby rattlesnake was curled up in the trail.  Josh uncurled it's tail with a stick so we could see the rattle.  Curled up, it was only about 4 inches across.
Toward the end of the trail- it was hot and humid!
Josh riding the waves!
Topsail Hill Preserve State Park beach was much less crowded than the public beaches.
Storms rolling in at the state park
My Josh :)
The storm arrived while we were at the beach.  We took shelter under a small awning while it passed.  Then we took our bikes out to explore the park while the weather was cool.

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