Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring Canoe Trips

Even though we've had an incredibly rainy spring, we managed to squeeze in a couple quick canoe trips.  We were hoping for more time to camp and canoe, but you'll never hear us complain about rain!

Our first trip was just a day trip to Possum Kingdom.  We canoed from public access area #4 to Hell's Gate.  It was a wonderful day: calm waters, not too hot, not too many boats.

Our second trip was interesting.  Our goal was to camp at Canyon Lake and return to a great swim area we found a couple years ago.  When we arrived, we found the campground closed due to flooding.  A note on the website would have been nice :)  We passed a lot of flood damage on the way down that was pretty incredible.  We ended up heading north about 85 miles to Inks Lake State Park.  We had been there once before for a family get together, but this time we were able to explore more and enjoy the lake.  We camped at site 48 which put us just feet from the water.  It was so nice to be able to leave our canoe in the water and load/unload easily.

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Amanda said...

Y'all have such great adventures!!