Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fall- Winter Catch Up

Well, I've totally neglected this blog and have a lot to catch up on.  I considered ditching the whole thing, but I really like having a place where I can look back and remember trips, events, etc.  So this post is just a photo dump from fall and winter '14-15.

Thanksgiving weekend
Thanksgiving weekend
Thanksgiving weekend
Our department "Chemistree"
Titus helping with a t-shirt rag quilt that I made for a friend's son.
Quilt pieces laid out
Festive Titus
Festive Titus
Festive Titus
Nail art gift
Titus at Mom's house
Christmas with Brokaws
Christmas at Mom's house
New washer and dryer- happy 13th anniversary to us!  Our 32 year old washer finally bit the dust.
Target practice- Adam
Target practice- Josh and Adam
Target practice-Brady and Jesse
Target practice-all the guys
Target practice-Jesse
Target practice-Josh
More to come...

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