Friday, September 5, 2014

Washington Trip, Part 3- Portland

Ok, well our main destination for this trip was Washington, but we did spend most of 2 days in Oregon since my aunt and uncle live so close.  We spent a day in Portland exploring the zoo and arboretum.
My aunt mentioned Voodoo Doughnut at one point and couldn't believe we actually wanted to go.  I'm not sure she knew that donut are one of Josh's favorite foods.  If you don't know about these donuts, check out their website.  I'm sorry if the donut descriptions make you blush a little ;)  It was a fun way to kick off our morning.
We were so lucky to not have to wait in line!
Placing our order- the stained-glass windows were pretty cool.  Notice the line was out the door at this point.
Ready to dig in!
We should have taken a picture before we drove to the zoo.  They looked better right after we bought them.  Notice the pretzel stick stabbing the voodoo doughnut.  Ha!
Peach fritter- it was huge!
Portland Zoo- hello there sun bear!
They had a ton of lorikeets that you could feed.
So pretty!
The zoo had 3 lion cubs born last September.  I believe this is the mama and 2 of her cubs.
Polar bear waiting for its feeding time
The arboretum was wonderful!  Josh said it's the best one he's ever visited.
Giant Sequoia
Cedar of Lebanon anyone?  They were used to build the temple during King Solomon's reign.  1 Kings 5:6
Just us and a bunch of trees
Well, that almost wraps up our trip.  We made a couple of fun stops on the way home.  I'll share those next.

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