Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Possum Kingdom

The week before Memorial Day, we decided to try to beat the crowds and head to Possum Kingdom Lake.  We were hoping that the combination of non-potable water, weekday camping and a closed boat ramp would mean fewer people, and we were right.  We camped at the state park, but spent a good deal of our time on the lake in the canoe.  The first night we had our camping loop all to ourselves, and the 2nd night we only had 1 neighbor- perfect!
This was Titus' first camping trip since being sick and only his 2nd time swimming since being cleared by the vet.  He doesn't have the stamina or strength he used to, but he still enjoys being with us on these adventures.  
Next time we need to remember that there are free camping sites on the east side of the lake on weekdays, and those camping areas have really nice beach access.  There aren't hookups for water or electricity at those public use areas, but they would be perfect for springtime camping.
Canoeing was a challenge for sure.  The wind direction kept on changing, so we paddled against it most of the time even though that wasn't our plan.  We got a really great workout and a little wet at times.  I wanted to give up a time or two and turn around, but Josh was convinced we could make it to a spot we had our eyes on.  We eventually made it to the inlet and spent some time playing and fishing.  This area suffered a major wildfire a few years back, but vegetation is returning and houses are being rebuilt.  Other than a couple of boats, we had the whole lake to ourselves!

Titus completely wore himself out swimming.
Can you spot Josh in this picture?
There he is!
This eastern collared lizard let Josh get quite close for pictures.  He had a lady friend with him at one point, but she didn't stick around for pictures :)
Giving Josh the stink-eye.
Awesome colors, dude!
Enjoying the view with my pup.
I finally got Titus to stop swimming and rest for a few minutes.  He's watching Josh fish here.
Titus reminding me that there are snacks in the canoe.
It's hard to get Titus to stop long enough for pictures when we're playing.
We also stopped to enjoy the Brazos River a little bit.  We discovered there are put-in and take-out spots along this area of the Brazos- definitely something we need to explore in the future.
Campsite 49- shady with water access if you don't mind climbing rocks

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