Monday, October 21, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Josh and I don't usually participate in much during homecoming weekend.  In fact, we usually avoid campus altogether because it is so crazy!  Last year, we completely left town.  For some reason, we jumped right in this year.  We attended the chemistry circus on Friday night (we usually do this), the homecoming parade Saturday morning, and the football game in the afternoon.  Titus and I actually walked in the parade while Josh took pictures.  We did this one other time a few years ago, but we haven't been to the parade since then.  Neither of us had been to an ACU football game since we were students, so that was fun too.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.  I didn't take any at the circus because the lights were off for the cool parts and those pictures never turn out anyway.
Titus with some of our students
Enjoying the parade with my "Chemistry Lab Lab."  Titus was a huge hit, and most of the people understood what his lab coat meant :)
ACU's Big Purple Marching Band
Here come the Wildcats!
On their way to another touchdown!  It would have been more interesting to see our huge crowd in the background instead of the empty visitor's side.
We won!

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