Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Recap

I really slacked off on the ol' blog this month!  Here's a few pictures from the last month- basically  just wildlife and gardening.

Turkeys on our property.  The one on the right has little ones behind her.
Titus dug a hole...
... and stuck his head in it.  He doesn't dig very often, but he was after something this day.
Can you find the fox in this picture?  And look- some water in our pond!
Fox again!
And again!  We think this is one of the young ones we saw earlier this summer.  It likes to play with grasshoppers.

We also found a small turtle in our yard.  I thought he was cute.  We also have baby frogs coming out of our pond now- so fun!
Spaghetti squash.  We think we have 2 different varieties, what do you think? ;)
Spaghetti (made with spaghetti squash) and topped with fried zucchini chips.  Mmm!
Cantaloupe- oh so yummy!
More treats from our garden.  This has been our most successful gardening year in TX!
Oh yeah- I also had a birthday, and our sweet friends made me this lemon cake.  It was soooo good!

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