Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013- Florida, part 2

These pictures are from days 4-6.

Walking around Honeymoon Island State Park (off of Florida's west coast)
We found a horseshoe crab and had to take some pictures.  Obviously, this guy is not alive.
We found a second, smaller horseshoe crab nearby.  We left them posed like this by the trail :)
Osprey bringing a twig to its nest.
Pair of osprey in their nest- probably has eggs in it this time of year.
You could see nests like this all over the island.  There were bald eagles too.
Can you spot the owlets in this picture?  There are 2 of them huddled together near the center.
We enjoyed walking along the white sand shores.
Fishing with Jackson in the neighborhood pond.  This picture cracks me up.
Jackson hadn't used a real hook before, so he was pretty interested in Uncle Josh's assortment of lures.
Sadly, all we caught was a turtle.
Josh and his sister, Beth, along with silly Jackson.
Next up, Orlando Science Center and Pensacola...

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