Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Car...

This car...
-was bought in June 1997
-was bought because its predecessor was totaled in an ugly car accident :(
-is named Lil Ruby although we never call our cars by name
-took me to college
-took us on our honeymoon
-has witnessed quite a few makeout sessions (sorry, Mom, had to say it)
-has lived in 5 states- NM, TX, CO, OK, WA
-has traveled to 19 states and 1 Canadian province
-consistently averages around 37-38 mpg
-has some wear and tear, but is in very good condition
-has been stuck in the snow
-has a wonderful cruise control because my dad installed it as a birthday present in 1999- yes, it still works and gets used everyday
-brought home our first puppy
-gets us to work everyday
-has been driven off the highway and into a pea field at 65 mph (don't ask, I wasn't driving)
-has gone through several sets of tires
-has only broken down on us once (and it was our fault for not changing the timing belt on time)
-has a half-chewed seat belt thanks to a bored puppy
-has automatic seat belts that haven't worked in years (we just lift the seat belts over our heads and fasten the lap belts)
-has a speedometer with a mind of its own
-has a broken emergency flasher button
-has a check engine light that refuses to stay off no matter what
-has several rattles and squeaks 
-has seen gas prices rise from $0.95/gallon to over $4/gallon
-turned 200,000 miles yesterday!

Mom, Josh, Titus, and I all piled in the car for an ice cream run to celebrate.  We pulled over 1.5 miles from our house to take these pictures.   

I love this car and hope it's around for another 200,000 miles!


Amanda said...

love the list! what kind of car is it?

Amber said...

It's a 1996 Ford Escort