Monday, November 14, 2011

Roller Coaster Weeks

A roller coaster is really the only way I can think to describe the last few weeks around here.  We've had ups and downs.  There's been joy and then scary moments too.  I'll just do a quick summary and try to spare you too many details.
The downs: 
1.  The ACU bus accident- if you haven't heard, 16 precious lives from Ag department were involved in a horrible bus accident on November 4th.  We lost 1 student and others have very serious injuries.  There were 12 students, 3 faculty and a spouse on board.  ACU is a tight-knit family, and this has affected all of us.  We knew most of the students and all of the faculty involved.  Josh's uncle is head of the Ag department and has spent a great deal of time ministering to families and students.  Please continue to pray for healing and quick recoveries for all involved.  We still have 3 in various hospitals in TX.
2.  The ACU budget- ACU has fallen on hard times and has had to make some budget adjustments.  This involves cutting positions, reducing salaries, and reorganizing departments across campus.  For a while we were quite unsure how we would be affected and how safe our jobs would be.  At this point, we think Josh is safe, and I'll be taking a 20% cut in salary and time worked. 
3.  The holidays are coming- yes, this can be a down sometimes.  We're about 4 weeks away from the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's passing.  Some days are still really, really tough- especially this time of year. 

The ups (let's end on a happy note):
1.  We have 2 nieces or nephews (or one of each) on the way!  Josh's brother and his wife are expecting in May, and 1 of Josh's sisters is expecting in July.  Both couples live in Abilene, so it will be fun to be around for these pregnancies and births!  It will also be fun to watch these cousins grow up together.
2.  We have jobs and are so thankful for God's provision.  This 20% cutback will actually be a blessing to us (other than the decreased income.)  Basically, starting June 1, I'll have a more flexible schedule and will be able to take more time off (unpaid of course).  This means Josh and I will hopefully have more time together between semesters, and I'll have more time at home to work on projects and pursue other goals.  
2.  The holidays are coming!  This means we get to spend a lot of time with family.  Family has come to be more precious to me than I could ever imagine.  Every minute we get to spend together is such a blessing.  In the last few weeks, I have spent some time with my Mom, brother, aunt and uncle from WA, and my grandpa.  In the coming weeks, we will spend a weekend with Josh's family, see my Mom and brother 2 more times, and hopefully get to see my cousin's family (including a new baby!)  

So that's what is on my heart today.  I am trying to be more thankful during this season and focus on all the blessings in my life. 


Shelly said...

Awww, Amber- you are so precious to all your family and friends! You and your family have been on my mind and in my prayers this past week with the accident and the tough anniversary I know is coming up. Life sure does have its ups and downs! But there is always something to be thankful for and it looks like you have a whole family full of blessings! I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers- love you!

Anonymous said...

You and Josh are such a blessing to our community, Amber. Like you, we are worried about the cutbacks, but hope for the best.

--Mary Lou

Amanda said...

I thought of you guys when I heard about the accident. So sorry for the whole community. I'll be thinking about ya'll through these downs.

I bet you'll really like the extra time off. Glad Josh's job is safe.

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the ACU bus accident, man that must be so hard. Are you going to Albuquerque for Christmas this year? Or is your family coming to see you? I'm with you, every minute with family over the holidays is so precious. Miss you!