Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011 Garden, Part 8- Patience Pays Off

I think we're finally going to get some tomatoes!!  We've been hoping that if we kept our plants alive long enough, the weather would cool down a little so they would start producing.  We hadn't bothered to put cages around the plants, so I attempted to do that last weekend.  We tried to do it earlier in the summer, but the wind was causing our little plants a lot of damage as they knocked into the metal.  Now the plants are big enough that they aren't blowing around so much, and I think they will need the extra support if we keep getting tomatoes.  So far, the tomatoes are pretty small, but we'll keep being patient and see what happens.  Look!  We already have a little red one!
I also got tired of walking through knee-high grass in the garden jungle, so I went a little mower crazy.  Here's a little before and after for you.
I left the grass long in the back row because I didn't want to run over these:
Yep, we have about 5 watermelon still growing as well as a few cantaloupe.
We also still have lots of okra and a few peppers.  Cucumbers keep trying, but they sure are ugly and we aren't willing to eat very many of them. 
So I guess we're not quite done with our 2011 garden yet.  Does anybody else still have anything growing?  I'm sad that we won't have any home grown pumpkins this year.  We'll have to work on that for next fall.


Shelly said...

I miraculously have tomatoes that survived the summer on my deck!!! I've never kept anything alive on my deck through the summer before, it's very exciting! I have about 15 perfect red tomatoes on the plant still- I'm eating one every day! I hope your garden finishes out strong!

Amy Simpson said...

I love these pictures! Way to keep it going strong in the midst of such a hot summer! I'm so impressed!!