Friday, April 15, 2011

Lab Quote Friday #13- Three important lessons

I don't think these really count as lab quotes, but these are the things that have made me laugh lately:

#1.  A lesson on the correct use of your common test tube holder
This is how a test tube holder SHOULD be attached to the ring stand
A view from above
This is how NOT to use this equipment
Maybe this view will illustrate the problem more clearly
Do you see it now?  I don't think I need to explain what happens when you tighten a screw into a glass test tube, but here you go

#2.  A lesson on improving your grade- ALWAYS take free points when your professor offers them!

Josh was short on quiz material one day, so he included these 2 questions:
9.  Free question
     a) correct
     b) incorrect
     c) incorrect
     d) incorrect

10.  Free question
     a) correct
     b) incorrect
     c) incorrect
     d) incorrect

TWO students choose "incorrect" on both questions!  One student chose "b" both times, and the other chose "d" both times.  Lucky for them, Josh was feeling generous and gave them the points anyway.  Me?  I would have counted them wrong!

#3.  A lesson in paying attention in class
Josh had a student tell him last week, "I think I've taken this class before."
Keep in mind, we are about 3 weeks from the end of the semester.


Shelly said...

HAHAHAHA! I love these! They are better than the lab quotes (OK, maybe not all the lab quotes...)! The ring stand cracks me up!! Was it the same group who didn't know how to use a thermometer? As for #3,clearly he needed to take the class again.

Captain Y and Plant Girl said...

Students never cease to amaze me!

Alyson said...

Love the test tube! Not that I've ever put a crock pot on the stove and broken it or anything, but some things seem OBVIOUS :)