Friday, February 25, 2011

Lab Quote Friday #11

I broke a promise.  I said I would start up lab quotes again in the spring.  Well, here we are finishing our 6th week of class and I haven't delivered.  Here are my excuses-
1.  I haven't spent as much time around the students this semester
2.  When I have been in the lab, I haven't witnessed too many funny things
3.  The funny things I have seen have already been blogged about

So while I'm obviously not going to be able to post every week, I promise to post whenever I get some good material.  Like today!

Lab Boy:  "I know propyl means it has 3 carbons, and butyl means it has 4 carbons, but how do they look different?"

Lab Girl sees me carrying a large container of acid into the lab to refill their supply: "Dude!  Did you see that huge jug of acid!?!  I could, like, smell it way over here."
Me thinking:  It wasn't nearly that exciting and no, you could not smell it.  I don't want to know what you were actually smelling.

And this is a repeat, but it still cracks me up every time.  2 groups of students were trying to use their thermometers while they were still in the cases, and 1 group had theirs upside down.  Somehow their experiment just didn't work as expected!

In other lab related news, our mascot is getting old.  On top of a graying face and balding belly, Titus now has arthritis.  His new nickname is Arthritis Titus.  Poor pup!

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Shelly said...

What is up with the thermometers?! Are they really THAT perplexing? I just don't get it.... Poor Arthritis Titus! I'm sure he's still young in spirit!!