Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updated office

Here are a couple pictures from my office update (at school). I'm not sure if I'm done yet, but it's gettin' there.






Shelly said...

What a cute office! I like the lighter color walls and your bright pictures. What does Josh's office look like!?!

Alyson said...

I like it! It looks MUCH better! (I'm not a huge fan of wood paneling!)

Amber said...

Josh's office has the same cabinet/bookshelf wall, but his walls are white and nothing is hanging on them yet. Yes, the wood paneling HAD to go!

Mom said...

Where's your ACU diploma? We paid a lot of money for that!!

Amber said...

Don't worry, Mom- the diploma is on a wall that is not pictured in this post. It's on the same wall as the door so I can see it as I sit at my desk. It's a little sad that I've now been married long enough that my maiden name looks odd when I see it on things like my diploma. I'll always be a Stableford at heart just not on paper!

Andrea Casey said...

Much more cheerful looking office! :) It was great seeing you the other night, even if it was for a little bit. See you soon.

Sharron said...

Paint reeeealllly brightens things up. I like it.

Aunt Sharron