Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cowboy party

Last Sunday our church threw us an early going away party- cowboy style in honor of us moving to TX. They also gave us a song book that everyone signed and a quilt with a square from each family. Here are some pics from that night.

Potluck meal with "Texas" food
Root beer at each table with personalized labels- way cute!

Fun table decorations- chips were in bandanas that were in upside-down cowboy hats and sheriffs badges were turned into napkin rings.

Cactus cake- very yummy!
Thanks everyone!


Alyson said...

That looks like a super cute party. The custom-made rootbeer labels are pretty awesome! Oh, and Happy Birthday! (I'm only a couple days behind...) :)

Jennifer M said...

I like the wanted beer bottle labels (and they included Titus!). The catcus cake looks yummy. A true Texas style party.

Ragdollteddy said...

That is priceless, especially the bottles. Can't wait for you to be closer. Love, Aunt Sharron